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Furnish and install as shown on plans a Vertical Cyclone Flash Separator Model No. FS______ " Dia.- ______" Height, as selected for a condensate flow rate of ______#/hr. at ______ psig flashing to a pressure of ______ psi. The nozzels also selected for the flow rate shall include a ______" tangential inlet with stainless steel wear plate to match the condensate line size, a ______" water leg overflow type condensate drain, and a ______" centrally located steam vent to prduce 97% quality flash steam. The tank shall include coupling connections for a level gauge, inspection openings and tank cleanout. Materials and locations per our spec print C-4B.

Optional accessories that can be provided include an External Float Level Controller with a Pneumatic or Mechanical Control Valve or Armstrong Trap Model No. ______ properly sized for the condensate drain flow rate, inlet Check Valves (list sizes) as required for multiple inlets at various pressures, tank Clean-Out Ball Valve, Safety Valve to protect the tank from over-pressurizing or to maintain a maximum venting pressure, Pressure Gauge with Iron Siphon, Industrial Type Thermometer.

Optional Supports include Angle Legs with Floor pads. Three legs are provided on 24" diameter separators and smaller and four legs are provided on larger separators. Special mounting bracket designs are also available

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