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Mist Separator
High Efficiency Entrainment Separators for Process, Vacuum, and Environmental Applications

Mist Separators are a ASME Code pressure vessel body with a mesh pad "Mist Eliminator" separating element located in the center of the unit. The flow is slowed as it travels upward through the element. The small droplets collect on the element until they are large enough to fall free of the flowing steam, air or gas flow. Our original design was for low pressure boilers. Now the Mist Separator is available in special individually designed units for most liquid from gas applications.

  • 99% or better efficiencies for 10 micron liquid droplets and separation as small as 2 micron size.

  • ASME Code construction in carbon and stainless steel. Custom designed for each application.

  • Different Styles include "MSI" side inlet & outlet, "MTI" T Type, or "MBI" bottom inlet top outlet to accomodate most piping situations.

Mist Separators

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