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When steam air and other gases are vented to atmosphere at high velocities noise is created. Typically the higher the velocity the louder the noise level. Penn makes two models of exhaust silencers to reduce noise levels.

The SP Silencer
The SP Exhaust Silencer is a single pass silencer designed to give maximum attenuation of both low and high frequency noise for air, steam, or gas exhausting to atmosphere.

The SP-S Silencer
The SP-S Exhaust Silencer is an economical approach to silencing where the noise level reduction does not have to be as great as the SP model. The SP-S Silencer has the same physical configurations as the SP Silencer except that it is two-thirds the length of an SP Silencer.

Exhaust Silencers

The gas enters the inlet of the silencer where the flow is disbursed through the inlet diffuser tube into hundreds of small jet flows. This provides for quite flow of the gas into the silencer and the first stage silencing chamber. The diffuser also directs the flow toward the outer walls of the silencer body. The gas then repeats the same process contracting and expanding into the second stage chamber. The second chamber reacts with the noise the same way as the first chamber dissipating and absorbing the noise that is left over. The second chamber also has an important function as a reflow area. It allows for an even flow of gas to the outlet. This assures the quiet release of gases to the atmosphere trough an adequately sized outlet.

Each silencer reduces noise differently. The larger the size, the higher the reduction. These reductions range from 24 to 46dB (A) depending on the model. The following page gives these combined reductions as well as sizing information, and suggested specificaions, and dimensions.


The SP and SP-S Exhaust Silencers have the same quality of workmanship that has gone into all Penn Products
for so many years and is guaranteed for a year against defects in materials or workmanship.


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