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Accessories reduce drain water temperature with in state and local requirements.Valving arrangement automatically provides right amount of cold water each time boiler is blown down.

Blowdown Accessories


Three legs provide an excellent means for mounting separators. Constructed of sturdy angle iron they come attached to the separator to provide an easy and expedient means of installation. Standard height to raise separator 18 inches from floor or when aftercoolers furnished additional height provided.


Used when floor space may be a factor or where desired installation is at a level higher than mounting with legs.

Blowdown Accessories

Blowdown Accessories


A18DF- Automatic Drain Aftercooler Fitting.

Our most popular aftercooler includes middle flanges to permit rotation of connections for various pipe fitting applications. Connections come standard NPT Threaded and are provided for cold water inlet, temperature sensing bulb, and thermometer. A stainless steel mixing tongue is provided on 4" diameter and larger fittings. When ordering state drain line and cold water inlet sizes.

A16DS- Simplified Automatic Aftercooler.

Similar to our 18DF aftercooler described above only without the middle flanges. This aftercooler accommodates the cold water line, sensing bulb, and thermometer. Sizing should match the drain line size. Cooling water selection assures adequate cooling of condensate to drain.

Blowdown Accessories
Blowdown Accessories

A20AO- Jacketed Automatic Afercooler

Required in some areas this fitting has a cooling water jacket with spray holes. These holes correspond to the cold water inlet size and spray at various directions mixing with the condensate. This aftercooler has connections for the cold waterline,
sensing bulb, and Thermometer. Sizing should match the
drain line size.

Self Actuating Temperature Regulator Valve

Automatically controls the flow of cooling water to the aftercooler fittings by responding to the temperature change at the bulb. Each is factory set at 135 deg. F. with an adjustable range from 115-180 deg. F. The 6' capillary allows installation of the valve in the cold water line while the bulb is remotely located in the aftercooler. The valve size should correspond to the recommended size on Chart "B".


Blowdown Accessories
Blowdown Accessories

"Y" Type Strainer

Cast iron construction with a .045 inch stainless steel screen are recommended prior to temperature regulator valve or solenoid valve in the cold water line to protect these cold water valves.

Bi- Metal Thermometer

Stainless steel body in 4" or 6" stainless steel stem. 1/4" connection provided for use in the A18DF.A16DS, or A20AO aftercoolers. Graduated scale shows temperature range 50 to 300 deg.F.

Blowdown Accessories
Blowdown Accessories

A5D- Manual Drain Cooling Fitting

Is a simplified type of fitting for adding cooling water with manual control. Unit has only cold water inlet connection. Cold water is controled by using a manual valve. State line size when ordering.


Ball Cone Check Valve - Can be installed after the temperature regulator valve to prevent back flow of blowdown into the cold water line.

Pressure Gauge - Retard gauge is required on blowdown equipment in some locations 0-30 psig range provided with iron siphon.

Pressure Reducing Valve - Provides maximum cooling water pressure of 60 psig to the valve.

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