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Boiler Blowdown Separators

Single units were designed to handle up to 300 P.S.I.G. On heating, process or power boilers. Now Penn Separator provides special manifolds to distribute the flow from the Blowdown Line to each of two units or up to 1000 P.S.I.G. and three units for up to 1600 P.S.I.G. These Parallel Separator are 14" in diameter requiring minimum of floor space, or wall hung. Manifolds are provided as required to meet existing conditions. These 14" diameter vessels need not have as heavy wall as a conventional large blowdown tank, and corrosion is zero due to the exclusive Stainless Steel Striking Plate and the Self-Draining, Self-Drying design.

Boiler Blowdown Separators

Boiler Blowdown into 3 Separators

Widely successful as singular units, are now arranged parallel in batteries of two or three units.


In designing the Boiler Room for the Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, one Penn Separator Parallel System was used on a 400 PSIG Boiler in place of a Conventional Blowdown Tank. This is the Modern Maintenance-Free method of handling Boiler Blowdown.
Boiler Blowdown Separators

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